Friday, June 23, 2006


You know what’s scary? It’s Thursday, then Friday, then 6 weeks. Then it’s down to a fortnight of work (Hang on WHAT?!), a week, (WAIT!), 3 weeks travelling (NO! I still need to…), 2 (WOW! TOO FAST!), 1 week (PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!), 1 day (BUT!…) In Scotland (WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!).

OK, Lets calm down. Imagine if this is a dream and my mum is about to wake me up and tell me “Time to go to India!” That would be horrible. What if the people I went with turned out to be different people from the ones in this dream? What if they turned out the same? What if the plane really crashed on the way over here and I am lying in a bed in a coma and I am only in India in my mind?

Shit. Times too short. I need more of it. Times too fast. I need it to slow down. But when we need Time to slow down it speeds up more. When we need time to speed up it slows even further.

It needs to slow. So it’s going fast. Time is being spent writing this and telling you this. Damn. My Time in India’s running to the end as if it’s in a race with lightning. If only I could control time. But I can’t. What needs to be done is for the time we have left to be used. It will be over too soon. There it goes…


David Lyon


Anonymous Philip Ross said...

can't believe it's only 4 weeks til we go home - so much to do and see in that time

4:06 am  

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